Ma passion

Simply click on selected panorama to enable it then click whereever you want in the picture to enlarge the selected part. You could enlarge it many times. Have fun...

Panorama 7 :
Church portal of Thann (France)
Panoramic picture of 83 pictures.Final resolution: 17.226 x 26.368 pixels or 454.215 Megapix.
Taken on 2007-09-15 at Thann. (Church portal of Thann (France))

Panorama 6 :
View of pre-alps from Marsens
Panoramic picture of 176 pictures.Final resolution: 86.074 x 12.123 pixels or 1.051 Gigapix.
Taken on 2007-05-18 at Marsens. (View of pre-alps from Marsens)

Panorama 5 :
The Moleson and Gruyere's castle with another farm
Panoramic picture of 125 pictures.Final resolution: 71.427 x 10.774 pixels or 769.554 Megapix.
Taken on 2007-05-30 at Broc. (The Moleson and Gruyere's castle with another farm)

Panorama 4 :
View of the end of carnaval 2007 (270°)
Panoramic picture of 11 pictures.Final resolution: 20.961 x 2.654 pixels or 55.630 Megapix.
Taken on 2007-02-10 at Bulle. (View of the end of carnaval 2007 (270°))

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Download full picture (15.357o)

Panorama 3 :
Bulle's castel and Gruerien's  museum
Panoramic picture of 76 pictures.Final resolution: 31.258 x 17.915 pixels or 559.987 Megapix.
Taken on 2004-04-08 at Bulle. (Bulle's castel and Gruerien's museum)

Panorama 2 :
Bulle's castle from the highest tower
Panoramic picture of 31 pictures.Final resolution: 24.509 x 13.155 pixels or 322.415 Megapix.
Taken on 2006-01-27 at Bulle. (Bulle's castle from the highest tower)

Panorama 1 :
Night view from Gruyere's castel
Panoramic picture of 15 pictures.Final resolution: 26.394 x 8.415 pixels or 222.105 Megapix.
Taken on 2006-01-27 at Epagny. (Night view from Gruyere's castel)