Ma passion

Für Ihre religiöse Ehe schlage ich vor Ihnen die Bildern während der Zeremonie, am Ausgang der Kirche, am Ehrenwein, und wenn Sie es während des Abends wünschen... Die Bildern können genommen werden in Papier (Farbe oder schwarz-weiß) und/oder numerisch.

Augenblick auf die 20 letzten Hochzeitbildern. (es gibt 664 TotalBildern)

Full wedding coverage
- Couple pcitures taken before ceremony, ceremony, party and evening. Dressing or end of dressing from bride is in option.
- All pictures in original format will be given in JPG (11 and 16 Mpix that allow you prints till 80x120cm with each picture), unsigned and written on two DVDs (same DVD).
- Each picture is corrected manually for color, brightnes and contrast like all others profesionnal did.
- Some pictures will either be delivered in black & white, sepia delivered.
- Depending on conditions, panoramic pictures will be taken for the bigger group or during ceremony.
- A 50 printed pages album (size of 20x30 cm) with a selection of pictures.
- Publish between 10 and 20 pictures in hte public galery from the present website (free option).
- All pictures in a privat gallery during one year with ability to command directly pictures (Options)
- Discretion and professionnalism during the wedding.
- A contract is sent.
All these steps for only 2'300 CHF (In case of a wedding outside Fribourg's county, additional charges are applied)

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me in order to have a more detailled offer...